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Shenzhen Sunson Tech Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2003, during 17 years focusing on commercial encryption technologies and payment-related kiosks and solution development, Shenzhen Sunson Tech Co., Ltd. is awarded as one of the top state-level high-tech enterprises.

with more than 50 expertise engineers devoted in R&D in the fields of encryption, payment channels’ expansion, customized ATMs, Kiosks’ manufacturing, etc. Currently, Sunson has more than 5000 square meters Headquarter occupied area in Shenzhen, and more than a dozen subsidiary research centers and production plants in China.

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Our Value

Solutions Provider

we have around 37 qualified software engineers whom can help our customers in developing the software, currently we do have solution for (ATM, VTM, Ticket Vending Kiosks, HealthCare, Digital signage, Queuing management Systems, Charging Kiosk, Hotel Check-in)


all our products (Hardware and software are passing through an intensive quality inspection process to guarantee the outstanding quality and stable performance for all our products.

Long term partnership

we believe in commitment and focus on quality, delivery, design and service so our partners can rely on us. That’s lead to a stable long term partnerships.

Flexibility to support our client

in terms of design and delivery.

Cost competitive

comparing Europe and North American competitors

No Language barriers

our Sales team can speak 5 languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean)

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