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Cash Deposit Machine2





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Basic Info

1- 15” Capacitive Touch Screen
2- EMV L1 Card Reader
3- Magnetic Card Reader
4- 58mm Thermal Printer
5- Barcode Scanner 1D& 2D
6- Fingerprint Scanner
7- Pin Hole Camera for Video Recording
8- RFID Card Reader

Product Description

The Cheapest Solution to reduce the queuing line on ATMs and provide a feasible solutions to allow customer to perform non cash transactions.

The Most compact and lightest Wall mounted payment terminal. Thanks to its sleek design, it fits into tight spaces and ensures savings in transportation costs.

Can be installed in any indoor places such as (Bank branches, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Airports, Government offices, and Hotels)

1- Extendable warranty up to 5 years. 2- DLL Driver for all the components
3- PCI 3.0 Approved Pin Pad 4- EMV L1 Card Reader

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