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Cashless Payment Device




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Product Description

Sunson cashless payment device whose model number is SKT-M8004 is one desktop payment machine which covers non-contact card payment, QR code scanning and other payment methods functions.

SKT-M8004 is equipped with double-sided HD LCD display, mechanical keyboard, built-in QR code scanner and NFC. This product adopts special design technology, it is oilproof, waterproof, insect bite proof and has long service life.

SKT-M8004's appearance is simple, its operation is convenient, and its function is complete. It is the best choice of consumption management system used in schools, large factories, enterprise canteen, food square and other enterprises & public institution.

·High performance Quad-core processor, faster and more powerful
·Data record Support data cycle storage, data recovery
·Multiple payment methods QR code, NFC
·Voice broadcast Voice broadcast the price amount, volume adjustment
·Support TCP/IP communication, Receipt printing TCP/IP network port + WIFI + 4G Netcom + Bluetooth 4.0

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