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Code Scanner Payment Device with a Speaker





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Product Description

SCS10, a code scanner payment device with a speaker, is a terminal device that provides information broadcasting functions, which is used to voice broadcast the key transaction information such as payment amount, whether the payment is success or not. So erchants do not have to specially check the payment status, which greatly improves the efficiency for merchants.

The QR code board and speaker are in one, which has both exquisite appearance and hard core reliability.

·Real-time broadcasting Real-time income broadcasting, it supports customized broadcasting.
·Simple and stylish appearance Simple and stylish appearance, it fits QR code payment scene.
· Long-lasting battery One-time charging can last more than 24 hours.
·Volume control The volume is up to 100 decibels (8 levels can be adjusted).
·Equipped with GPRS module Equipped with a standalone GPRS or optional WiFi module.

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