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Basic Info

With Retail ATM you can choose from Multiple option ranging from:
1,2 Cassettes Each of 1000 Notes Capacity (1K, 2K)
1,2 Cassettes Each of 2000 Notes Capacity (2K, 4K)

Product Description

Perfect Fit for today’s market requirements.

Equipped with everything you need along with a very competitive price and effective maintenance all together in the smallest package possible to make it retailers and banks best choice.

1- EMV L1 2- Extendable warranty up to 5 years.
3- ADA Compliant 4- 8mm Safe box with analog or digital Lock
5- PBOC 6- ISO 8583 Compatible ATM Solution
Reduce the queuing line inside bank branches.
Extend Cash out service to be available 24h in multiple location with minimal investments.
Make profit from having off-us transactions performed on the terminal.
Increase your bank availability by deploying ATM in different location, so you can attract more customers.
Make profit from displaying other products advertisements or increase the awareness of your our products

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