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Basic Info

·PCI 4.0 approved EPP.
·USB interface.
·Compact layout design, save space for terminal panel.
·The key uses precise casting technology and unique
inlay technology, which guarantee the perfect tactile.
· Professional performance of water proof, dust proof,
vandalism resistance, anti-drill, anti reveal, anti replacement etc.
·The key, program and any sensitive self-destroy mechanism against illegal dismantle.
·Support DES/TripleDES algorithm, support EPP suit software.<30min
·Support RSA algorithm (max 2048 bits)<30min
·Fast computing speed, the computing time is less tan 2s for 2048 bits with 3DES algorithm.<30min
·Support multi level key system.<30min

Product Description

·PCI 4.X approved EPP
·USB interface
·Support RSA and RKL
·Wincor EPP V6 compliant
·Support extended 2 FDK
·Equipped with HW removal switch
·Stainless steel surface and rear cover
·Optional mounting of new PIN Shield
·One click SDK for WOSA platform
·Key-value customized software

Mechanical performance
Front panel and key High qualified stainless steel
Key lifespan More than 2000000
Key pressure 2~3N
Key stroke 0.45mm
Key legends Laser etching with strong painting
Actuation force 50g
Input details 10 Digits keys, 6 Function keys
Extendable 2 pcs of 1*4 Functional keypad
Data protection Data will be kept for more than 5 years against power-off.
Panel dimension 160x91.5 mm
Net weight 0.75kg
Electronic performance :
Interface USB2.0 interface (USB 1.1 is compatible)
Voltage 5.0V±10%
Consumption ≤0.5W(dynamic), ≤0.2W(static)
Reliability MTBF>20000H   MTTR<30min
Protect level IP65(static)/IP54(dynamic), IK09
Power Consumption ≤0.5W (dynamic); ≤0.2W (static)
Environmental Requirement :
Working temperature -25℃~65℃
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
Relative humidity 30~90%RH
Air pressure 50~100Kpa
Protect level IP65(static)/IP54(dynamic)
Algorithm standard:
Compatible ANSI X3.92, ANSI X9.52, ANSI X9.24
PIN operation ANSI X9.8, ISO9564.0, ISO9564.1, ISO9564.3, IBM3624
MAC operation ANSI X9.9, ANSI X9.19
Security standard ISO13491
Encrypting and decrypting speed <0.1S(8 bits DES)

Applying area:
·Cash-ref terminals:such as ATM, ADM, CDM, CRS etc
·Self-service terminals: such as E-bank Terminal, Ticket Vendors, Vendor, Auto Gas Dispenser, etc.

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