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Product Description

SPC330AG stainless steel keyboard is suitable for a number of harsh and public access environments such as self-service kiosks, public access kiosks and industrial process control.

A wide range of models are available with combinations of full-QWERTY and numeric keypad. Other hardware options include tracker balls and pointing devices. PIN pad only and trackball only modules are available.

Electric Characteristics
Power Supply DC5V+10%
Communication interface PS2 or USB
Power consumption <0.5W (dynamic), <0.2W(static)
Reliability MTBF>20000H MTTR<30min
ESD +-6KV contact discharge (with EPP well grounded)
Data protection data will be kept for more than 5 years against power-off
Algorithm standard
PIN operation ANSI X9.8(ISO9564.0,ISO9564.1,ISO9564.3),IBM3624
MAC operation ANSI X9.9,ANSI X9.19
Security standard ISO13491
Encrypting and decrypting speed <0.1S(8 bits DES)
Key management ANSI X9.24

Applications Field:
·Public access applications including self-service kiosks
·Unattended payment solutions and information kiosks
·Industrial control systems including process control

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