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SUNSON Cash Payment kiosk





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Basic Info

1-10” Capacitive Touch Screen
2- Single note Cash Acceptor
3- Coin Dispenser with capacity up to 4 Different Coins
each of 500 notes capacity.
4- 80mm Thermal Printer
5- Single coin Acceptor
6- Barcode Scanner (Optional)
7- Pin Hole Camera for Video Recording (Optional)
8- Card Dispenser & Encoding
9- Card Reader
10- 2mm Safe Box with analog or digital lock

Product Description

A unique elegant design Card dispenser kiosk, allow the customer to easily get a personalized Card (RFID, Magnetic, Chip) to make sure that each student can get his University ID card and can use this card in different transaction within the campus premises.

SUNSON Cash Payment kiosk is equipped with everything people need to facilitate the process of issuing and personalize prepaid cards and at the same time give the chance to top-up any existing cards.

Can be installed in any indoor places such as (Bank branches, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Airports, Government offices, and Hotels)

1-Extendable warranty up to 5 years. 2-DLL Driver for all the components

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