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Product Description

SUNSON Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Robot purifies the air by spraying within the targeted disinfection space automatically. It sprays hypochlorous acid water with density of 100mg/L into the space constantly and homogeneously to disinfect; each cubic meter shall get 5ml disinfection liquid.

The robot is capable of navigating itself to avoid the obstacles to reach the disinfection area. Full coverage disinfection and cellphone app control can separate the operator from the device to avoid contact and enhance safety. With simple deployment , it’s easy to operate and maintain.

It can be widely applied to the public places like, hospitals, clinics, transport stations, metro stations, airports, schools, government offices, conference centers , supermarkets, shopping mall, hotels and etc.

1-It can spray up to 3000ml/h, the atomization drop can be smaller than 10 micrometer.
2-Normal disinfection, such as hydrogen Peroxide, hypochlorous acid water, peroxyacetic.
3-The spray diameter can be 8m, leaving no blind side in the disinfection areas.
4-The disinfection tank is 16L with big capacity to cover an area of 4000 to 5000 square meter.
5-Easy to operate ,can be controlled via mobile phone app and equipped with two disinfection modes: regular disinfection and immediate disinfection.
6-Obstacles automatic-recognition and no need for manual constant monitoring.
7-It can navigate itself and fully cover the areas requiring disinfection.
8-No need to be charged from time to time as the battery can last for 6 hours.
9-Automatic return charging and no need for manual auxiliary charging.
10-It will automatically switch off the spraying unit and go back to the waiting area when the disinfection water is less than warning level.

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